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Choosing a school for your child can be an intimidating process– and there are so many choices! At St. Peter’s our goals are twofold: First, we hope that every parent and child will grow and thrive in their faith in our Lord. Second, we hope that every parent and child will find a school that meets each child's educational and social needs. We warmly invite you to get to know us.

Request information or contact our School Office to schedule your personal tour.

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Kindergarten - 8th Grade



Ages 2-5

Enrollment Process

  • Step 1: Get to know St. Peter’s!

    Explore our church and school websites. Read our mission, core values, and beliefs. We are a ministry of St. Peter’s Lutheran Church.

  • Step 2: Visit Us

    Schedule a preschool or school visit with us and find out what makes St. Peter’s special!

  • Step 3: Apply for admission

    Create an account for preschool or school to begin our online application process.

  • Step 4: Apply for Financial Aid and Scholarships

    The process requires submission of proof of income and household size, typically from your most recently filed tax return form. Multiple award sources are available including the School Choice Scholarship, SGO Scholarship, as well as internal scholarships within St. Peter’s.

  • Step 5: Assessment and Admissions Review

    Preschool is filled on a first come, first serve basis. Incoming kindergarten students participate in a special screening day. All other incoming first through eighth grade students will schedule a screening once application is received. Families will be contacted with the admission decision after the applicant has been reviewed.


Many families find that an education at St. Peter’s is significantly more affordable than they initially expect. Depending on your situation, students may qualify for grants, tuition assistance or scholarships; including the Indiana Choice Scholarship Program. A distinctive and exceptional education at St. Peter’s is well within reach, contact us today to find out more!


We encourage all families to schedule an appointment to explore scholarship opportunities each year. Need-based financial aid is available. Contact us to learn more!

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School Choice

An exciting opportunity has recently expanded eligibility for School Choice Scholarships, making an education at St. Peter’s financially feasible for many more Hoosier families.

The Choice program provides parents and families more control over their child's education–and lets them choose the school that best fits their child’s needs. At St. Peter's we could not agree more! We truly believe children thrive in an environment where the family and school are partnered together in the growth and education of their child.

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Lutheran SGO

The Lutheran Scholarship Granting Organization of Indiana strives to provide families with funds that will enable them to provide their children with a high-quality, Christian education. It is funded by members and friends of St. Peter’s Lutheran Church & School and designated only for students of St. Peter’s Lutheran School.

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